Future Fit Update

Future Fit Update

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb


Published May 14, 2013

1 min read

With each passing day, more and more client websites are being migrated to our spanking new platform. Each page must be recreated and inspected, a painstaking manual task!

clinic console login

Don't forget to bookmark the Log-In link to your brand new clinic console!

When your site is migrated and has passed all the quality assurance specifications, you’ll be emailed the New Clinic Console Log-In link (which you’ll want to bookmark) and new username and password (which you can change by entering your email address on the log in screen if you wish).

Please share these log in credentials with all your staff members who access the console to add subscribers, send personalized emails and manage site content.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things you’ll find different:

  • We have streamlined the home page. Feedback revealed that we were presenting too many choices, making the home page needlessly cluttered.
  • We have eliminated the password protected “member” section. It didn’t make sense to hold some content “hostage” behind a password.
  • We have discontinued the two classes of users. Instead of members and subscribers, there are simply subscribers.
  • We have suppressed unviewed pages. After studying actual visitor behavior data, we no longer include content that went largely ignored.
  • We have replaced the eight mid-month Health Interest articles with a blog. We’ll be making blog posts on your behalf each week and encourage you to add your own posts as well.

We’ve used this exciting opportunity to fine-tune the new patient performance of your website. We’re already seeing better search engine rankings of websites that have been migrated. If we haven’t moved your site yet, it won’t be long now!