The One Thing

The One Thing

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb


Published September 18, 2013

Who is it on your team that is in charge of regularly adding new patients as subscribers to your website?

Subscribers Video

This video demonstrates “how to” (and the importance of) adding new patients as website subscribers.

Adding new patients (regardless of their source) as website subscribers equips us to:

  • Track which SEO overtures and online channels produce new patients
  • Harvest and publish positive reviews from the New Patient Survey
  • Send a monthly eNewsletter, deepening each patient’s understanding
  • Educate patients by engaging them in our Socratic eLearning curriculum
  • Populate a database that you can use to contact your patients via email

Thankfully, adding website subscribers on the new platform is easier than ever. Our new video explains how to do this simple, yet crucial procedure.

Without daily or weekly additions of new patients as website subscribers, you’ve severely limited the level of service we can provide. (Hint: practices that rigorously add new patients as subscribers seem to get more new patients from their website.)