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An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse; A Warm Welcome When They Returned

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published October 3, 2023

2 min read

In the business of chiropractic digital marketing, it’s natural for chiropractors to explore and weigh their options. On occasion, a tempting offer might draw our clients elsewhere.

And while we’ve had many clients return to us after exploring another option, we were particularly struck by the return of Novo Chiropractic Sports and Wellness Center to our Premium plan.

This established practice with locations throughout Michigan took a chance on a different offer. However, their journey brought them back to Perfect Patients, and Kristie Wackerle, their Marketing Manager, shared why.

An Unexpected Offer to Promote Novo Chiropractic Sports and Wellness Center

“We had always loved Perfect Patients, but when a local media group presented us with an enticing sponsorship opportunity, we thought it might be an avenue worth exploring.”

-Kristie Wackerle

A local celebrity was ready to promote Novo Chiropractic’s services, backed with a full suite of digital marketing services.

“This was just something that Perfect Patients wasn’t able to offer. We thought we’d be able to reach many more people and encourage whole new audiences to try chiropractic care.”

Unfortunately, the follow-through left much to be desired. The momentum of their growing business ground to a halt.


A Time to Regroup

The experience with the new media group helped Kristie recognize the unmatched value Perfect Patients had always provided.

“Collaborating with Perfect Patients feels like a partnership. Whether it’s about website tweaks or marketing strategies, everything is handled promptly. Our Digital Marketing Specialist stays actively involved, aligning our visions and proactively offering solutions that resonate with our brand and ethos.”

-Kristie Wackerle

The decision to return to Perfect Patients was easy. As chiropractic advocates, Perfect Patients didn’t just understand Novo’s brand, they understood Novo Chiropractic’s needs as chiropractors.

“The intuitive understanding Perfect Patients has about the chiropractic world stood out for us. There’s no need for lengthy explanations; they anticipate needs and provide insights, drawing from their deep experience with chiropractic professionals. They saved us so much time, not having to educate our digital marketing team on chiropractic.”

-Kristie Wackerle


Returning to Perfect Patients

Kristie was relieved that they didn’t have to start over with another Digital Marketing provider and lose even more momentum.

“The level of service, the dedication—it all felt right with Perfect Patients. And when we decided to return, our Digital Marketing Specialist, Janeen, was there, welcoming us back into the fold, ready to jump into action.”

Whenever a client chooses another provider, Perfect Patients archives a client’s website files so that it’s easy to reproduce the website if they ever happen to return.

Kristie continues: “It’s important to note when we came back Perfect Patients remembered everything we wanted on our website. Their team had so many notes and knew our accounts so well, they could put everything back exactly how we wanted it.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending:

“Once we made the commitment to return, there was immediate action. Within 24 hours we had people working on our website and Google. Within the week we had new leads!”

-Kristie Wackerle

Welcome back, Novo Chiropractic Sports and Wellness Center!


A True Digital Marketing Partner for Chiropractors

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