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5 Signs it’s Time to Talk to a Digital Marketing Consultant

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published September 20, 2023

3 min read

Running a chiropractic business comes with a multitude of challenges. Beyond managing patient care, there’s the business side to consider. Some days you’re the head of HR, others you’re the event coordinator, and some days you might even be the office plumber. You juggle countless roles.

With so many responsibilities, you might not have time to master the ins and outs of digital marketing.

While a basic understanding of online marketing is useful, there are moments when it pays to consult the pros.

Here are five scenarios where a Digital Marketing Consultant might be the helping hand you need:

The Mystery of Your Website’s Performance

Are you confident that your website is effectively converting visitors into new patient appointments? There are many variables that combine to create a website that shines. Patient-focused content that highlights your expertise, localized SEO and clear navigation work together to make your website easier for patients to answer the questions they might have.

Let a seasoned digital marketing consultant explain the key performance indicators for your site. They can provide strategies to ensure potential patients find what they need to book with you.

💡Tip: Regularly audit your website. You’re just one click away from uncovering your website’s secrets. Perfect Patients offers a FREE customized Website Wellness Audit. Request yours today.

Lofty Ambitions on Your Horizon

Planning to expand your team? Pondering new services? Your website can either be a beacon drawing your dream patients or a deterrent pushing them away. It might be time to identify any hidden obstacles on your website that may be blocking the path to your goals.

It might not even take a whole makeover or new website to fix any issues. It could be as simple as updating content, adding blog posts or launching an email marketing campaign. A Digital Marketing Consultant can show you where to start.

💡Tip: Align your website’s design and content with your practice’s vision. Highlight your unique services or treatment modalities to appeal to your target audience.

Standing Out in a Crowded Neighborhood

If your area is brimming with chiropractic services, standing out is crucial. A stellar website is a start, but in some places, that might not cut it. You might also need paid advertising, a robust email campaign, or a powerful social media presence. A Digital Marketing Consultant can help craft a bespoke strategy, ensuring you shine the brightest among your peers.

💡Tip: Engage with local community events or health fairs. Incorporate those experiences into your digital content to showcase your local involvement and expertise.

Branching Out to New Pastures

Opening a new office? The chiropractic landscape has changed. Various factors will decide the success of your new location. Having a digital marketing consultant by your side—someone who’s assisted thousands of chiropractors through thick and thin—means sidestepping pitfalls and setting you up for success.

💡Tip: Book a FREE consultation with Perfect Patients to take the next step towards your business goals.

Evolving Your Practice

Introducing new services, pivoting your focus, or bringing on new associates? Your digital marketing strategies should evolve too. While you may have a strong patient referral system, it might not cover added overheads. When it’s time to broaden your patient base or refresh your website, a consultant can guide you on how to level up, ensuring you always meet, if not exceed, your patients’ expectations.

💡Tip: Stay connected with your patient base. Send out periodic newsletters or emails about your new services or staff, offering special promotions or introductory sessions to create excitement and engagement.

Unlock the Potential of Your Practice

Take the first step towards a thriving practice. Book a FREE Discovery Call today. Gain insights tailored to your specific region and learn from a team passionately rooting for chiropractic excellence. Together, let’s elevate your practice to reach your ideal patient.