The Secret to Successful Instagram Marketing With Molly Cahill

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published May 23, 2023
Updated May 26, 2023

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Does coming up with a social media strategy sound about as painful as filing your taxes?

It doesn’t have to be!

We interviewed Instagram marketing expert Molly Cahill about the secrets to Instagram success and it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think.

It All Starts With Being Yourself

“As a consumer, I want to know who you are, and need to see something reflective of YOU on Instagram that gives me an emotional connection, which is what people need to book an appointment.

Patients need more than a logo. They need a face and a personality. What’s your hobby? Who’s your pet? People love that stuff, because it’s what gives them a connection point to you as a human being.”

-Molly Cahill

Sharing chiropractic-themed memes is merely the tip of the iceberg. Done well, Instagram gives patients a glimpse of your services and encourages potential patients to interact with you. The key is authenticity. Here’s how:

Cultivate a Personal Connection with Your Ideal Patients

  • Post your personal chiropractic story. What inspired you to become a chiropractor?
  • Keep the stories flowing. Think about your highlights as a chiropractor. Do they contain experiences that patients can relate to?
  • Share the conditions you’ve helped patients overcome – inspirational case studies, motivational and encouraging posts, etc.
  • Show what it’s like in your office, adjusting patients, reviewing patient cases, hosting events. People need to see your face!
  • Share wellness content from like minded businesses that your patients might also enjoy.

Turn Your Instagram Into A Community Resource

Make it easier for folks in your neighborhood to find you on Instagram. Highlight your town in every post AND include local hashtags, for example #dallaschiropractor, #boulderchiropractor etc. Brainstorm a list of every area that you pull patients from and use those as a hashtag on your post as well, to help instagram’s algorithm find your audience. Molly has an excellent resource to help you find the right hashtags for your posts.

More local Instagram tips for chiropractors:

  • Post about your work with local charities.
  • Use videos and posts to cross promote yourself with other local wellness businesses.
  • Share local mom-blog Instagram posts to your stories.

“I work with a chiropractor in Raleigh. She’s family and baby focused, so we will go to the local mom blog accounts. We’ll share things like that to the chiropractors’ stories because it encourages those businesses to reshare your post to their Instagram, making your account a resource for the local community beyond just chiropractic and health.”

-Molly Cahill

Post Instagram Reels to Go Viral

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create and share short-form videos with various editing tools and music options. By utilizing engaging content, hashtags, and trends, Instagram Reels has the potential to reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood of going viral on the platform.

But Molly says that many chiropractors are hesitant to try the Reels feature on Instagram. It can be a big hurdle to get over a fear of being on camera.

“It’s completely normal for your brain to try to keep you safe. Part of that is the desire to be loved by our “tribe”, so we fear that we might get ridiculed if we put ourselves out there. It doesn’t make you weak for having that fear, it makes you human.”

-Molly Cahill

Thankfully, you don’t have to start your first video with your face. You can ease into it with these tips:

  • Make your first video product-related.
  • Use the “3 things framework” -take any subject and share 3 things about it on video.
  • The more you get used to creating videos, the more you can start showing yourself on camera.

According to Molly, every client that she has that has gone viral has done so with an Instagram Reel, so getting comfortable on camera is a must.


You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself

“If Instagram marketing feels like going to the dentist for you, outsource it to a pro.”

-Molly Cahill

Many chiropractors would much rather tend to their patients than work on social media and that’s how it should be. Let someone else do all the planning, take all the pictures, and direct your Instagram videos.

Fortunately, there are many ways to outsource this important task.:

  • Include Instagram in your chiropractic assistant’s duties
  • Hire an experienced patient to handle your Instagram account
  • Hire a professional chiropractic instagram marketer

No matter who you hire, get clear expectations in writing to ensure that your Instagram program thrives in someone else’s hands. Your contract should include how many posts, how many reels, how much time is spent networking on Instagram with other local businesses, and local influencers. If you’re hiring a patient for trade, make it clear exactly what that person will be getting in trade.

Benefits to outsourcing:

  • Stay in your zone of genius, focused on patient care.
  • Show up for the photos and film while your staff does all the posting.
  • Professional Instagram posts that actually attract new patients.

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