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What to Include in Your Chiropractic About Us Page

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Specialist

Published February 19, 2019
Updated March 23, 2020

2 min read


There are several key chiropractic website pages that convert new patients from the Internet. The About Us page is possibly the most difficult one to write. It’s hard to talk about yourself in any setting – especially when website visitors are determining whether or not to book an appointment.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help get some words on that blank web page.

Do Include Professional Photography

A picture connects with website visitors more than just words on a screen. Imagery, linked with the written content of a page, puts a face to the name. It offers personal flair and makes prospective patients more comfortable with the idea of visiting your practice.

In addition to any additional doctors working at your practice, it’s also good to have a photo of your entire team. While these should definitely be professional photos, they don’t have to be boring. It’s good to show off the personality of your practice. For example, don’t wear a suit and tie in the photo if you never wear one to the office.

Don’t Focus on Your Credentials

While it is important to mention your credentials and education, it should not be the focal point of the About Us page.

Instead, tell a story that will make you stand out from your competition. Remember, the goal of your About Us page is for prospective patients to get to know you and develop trust in your practice.

Tell the story of why you became a chiropractor instead of listing off how you became a chiropractor.

Do Ease the Anxieties of Prospective Patients

Most likely, after a prospective patient has Googled “chiropractor near me” and clicked through your home page they’ve landed on the “About Us” page. They are doing more research to get a better idea of what it’s like to be your patient.

Use this opportunity to paint the picture of what it’s like walking into your office for the first time. Start the new patient journey on the website so that they are prepared when they walk through your doors.

Don’t Try to Write the About Us by Yourself

Writing website copy is not an easy task. Use the experts to craft compelling copy for this key web page. But don’t leave it all to them.

It is still extremely important that the copy is consistent with the tone of your office. When working with a professional copywriter, stay away from those that tout successful “templates” or “formulas” without getting your input.

Most likely, there are hundreds of other chiropractors with those exact same words on their website. This won’t help you stand out and convert more new patients from the Internet. Look for a copywriter that will conduct an interview with you and communicate your words and voice throughout your website copy.

Your About Us page is where you connect emotionally with prospective patients. If you’re not sure that your current chiropractic website is breaking through, then sign up for a free digital marketing checkup with one of our experts. They’ll review your website – including your About Us page – and several other factors. They’ll then meet with you to provide actionable tips for getting more new patients from the Internet.

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