Facebook… It’s Also a Search Engine

Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Marketing Specialist

Published February 20, 2019
Updated October 20, 2020


Google is by the far the largest search engine. No other platform comes close. However, social networks like Facebook are underestimated for their search engine abilities.

Prior to 2013, Facebook’s search function only returned results based on existing pages. There wasn’t much logic in the algorithm.

Then the network made refinements. It took pages, categories, and people and put them into a revolving wheel of filters that was heavily personalized to each searcher.

In 2014, Facebook took a giant leap forward by adding keyword search functionality. This allowed users to pull results based on keywords from their friends, people their friends have interacted with, and pages they like.

Why is all this important?

Because Facebook has become more and more like Google in that its algorithm is using keywords to rank businesses.

Now, Facebook is very secretive about its algorithm. Not to mention, the platform doesn’t provide search analytics. But we can take an educated guess… A more active, popular page (with a fully optimized profile) will likely have a better chance of ranking above its competitors.

All in all, viewing Facebook as a search engine is something small businesses and marketing professionals need to start thinking about.