“Where Did All the Content Go?”

If your website has been migrated to our new platform and you’ve done a bit of exploring, you’ll notice two major content changes we’ve made:

1. Member Content Eliminated

Question markIn the past, some content was password protected. Our original thinking was that you might want to talk with patients (with passwords) differently than someone who hasn’t yet begun care. Interesting idea, but today it seems like a needless restriction.

2. Stock Content Reduced

While planning our new platform, we studied what content was actually being used. We noticed that after the initial rush to view newly published content, few pages were ever visited again. Disappointing, but understandable.

Seeing as though this content has been indexed by the various search engines without the proper canonical attribution (confusing search engines and potentially penalizing your site for “duplicate content”), site migration seemed the perfect opportunity to perform this housekeeping task.

If there was some content that you referred to frequently, let us know and we can post it to your site in an easy-to-find area and give it the proper search engine mojo.


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