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Empower Your Team: Five Chiropractic Digital Marketing “Quick Wins” They Can Tackle Today

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published November 9, 2023

3 min read

Digital marketing is always evolving and staying up-to-date is crucial for today’s chiropractic practice.

Here are five easy-to-implement chiropractic digital marketing tips that can provide quick, lasting results. And the great news? Anyone can do them, so empower a team member to become the practice’s digital marketing hero today!

1. Update Your Website Content:

Your website is often the first impression potential patients get of your practice. Ensure it’s up-to-date and accurately reflects the practice as it is today.

💡Expert Tip: Audit the Content Regularly

  • Review team member profiles, services provided, and all other content.
  • Remove outdated team photos and update references to time.

For example, if the doctor’s bio says, “Dr. Smith graduated 10 years ago….” but it’s now been 20 years, update it to “Dr. Smith graduated in 2003…”. It will accurately reflect the doctor’s experience and still be accurate 10 years down the road.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to update photos! Building trust is about showing prospective patients what to expect when they step foot in your practice. A clearly outdated photo makes them wonder what else is outdated.

2. Optimize Your Title Tags:

One quick and impactful SEO task is to review your website’s title tags. A title tag is what you see when you hover over the browser tab of the web page you’re on and it’s what Google often shows to searchers in the search results.

If your website title tags are generic, like “Home” or “Services,” you might be missing out on valuable search engine traffic.

SEO Title Tag

💡 Expert Tip: Write unique title tags for each page to improve your search engine rankings and encourage more clicks.

For instance, your home page should be something like: “Chiropractor [Your City] – [Practice Name]”. This not only helps your homepage rank better for local searches, but is also more appealing to potential patients than “Home.”

Check out your site’s title tags today and contact your website provider if they need updating.


3. Two-Minute Social Media Makeover:

Like your practice website, social media profiles can often be a potential patient’s first impression of the practice, plus it’s a great place for current patients to engage with the practice online.

💡Expert Tip: Take a look at the practice’s profile photo on the most popular social sites.

Is it representing the practice well? The best profile photo for a chiropractic practice is your professional logo or a friendly, clear picture of the doctor!

Here’s why:

  • The doctor’s face builds trust and connection.
  • The practice logo reinforces brand identity.

Avoid hard-to-see graphics or cut-off images that could confuse and deter visitors.

4. Check for Brand Consistency (and Accuracy) Online:

Consistency in branding and information not only helps with search engine rankings, but solidifies trust with potential patients, making them confident in choosing your practice.

💡Expert Tip: Do a quick search of the practice name and then the doctor’s name.

Check to see if the practice details that come up in the search results (name, address, phone number, hours, and website URL) are consistent across all online platforms, including your website, social channels, online directories, and review sites.

Update any inconsistencies or inaccurate information to help Google know what information to share in search results AND ensure patients see the most up-to-date information. We don’t want to confuse anyone!


5. Revitalize Your Email Marketing Approach:

Email is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels and one of the best ways to keep your patients engaged with the practice so that they schedule appointments and refer their friends.

💡Expert Tip: Send an email to your patients this week.

Think about what’s going on in the practice – special offers, upcoming holiday specials, a new team member – it can be anything.

The goal is to share something relevant with your patients so that your practice is top-of-mind. You might be surprised how many calls and appointments you get after sending a special offer or announcing the new associate.

Sometimes an email from your practice is just the reminder your patients need to schedule that appointment they’ve been putting off!

Is Your Practice Ready for a Digital Marketing Boost?

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