Google Gives Reviews Thumbs Up

Google Gives Reviews Thumbs Up

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb


Published May 15, 2014

1 min read

Google recently revealed that reviews (or snippets of them) would be displayed more prominently in local search results. We all know the power of positive customer reviews. But what about negative reviews?

Group of patients holding up signs

The key is to generate as many positive reviews as possible.

Try your best; you’re unlikely to please everyone. From time to time there can be a service lapse or a misunderstanding that can result in a less than glowing review.

Turns out, a negative review here and there can actually serve to increase the validity of the positive reviews! The key is to generate as many positive reviews as possible. One more reason to add new patients (regardless of their source) as website subscribers. Why?

Besides allowing us to cultivate their understanding of chiropractic, your newest patients receive a welcome email with a link to participate in a first visit survey and share a sentence or two about their experience. Most are sensational. On your behalf, we ask for permission to publish their words to your website. Plus, we offer links to Google and other review sites, encouraging them to share the word. Many do.

One more reason to consistently add new patients as subscribers!