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Chiropractic Marketing:
Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic marketing

The biggest challenge with chiropractic marketing for your practice (i.e. practice promotion and patient education) is finding the time to do it. Spinal screenings, writing patient newsletters, community talks, etc. all consume one of your most valuable resources… time.

And even if you can find the time for chiropractic online marketing initiatives now, what about next month and the month after?

The last thing you want to do is experience the ‘roller coaster’ effect – executing a chiropractor marketing strategy during a business trough and then almost discontinuing at the top of the crest, creating another trough – a continuing vicious cycle. You need a reliable and consistent chiropractic marketing plan for your practice, and this list will hopefully help you prioritize your chiropractic marketing initiatives:


1. Practice Website

The foundation of any serious chiropractic marketing overture these days is a website. Especially in healthcare. Research shows that almost half of those surveyed indicated that they consulted the Internet prior to seeing a doctor. And even more revealing, an equal number admitted that they used the Internet afterward to corroborate what their doctor had told them!

Caution! Notice that the most visited sites on the Internet are constantly changing and being updated. That’s why you want a chiropractic marketing service like Perfect Patients instead of the static, sit-there-doing-nothing brochureware websites that are sold as products. A website from Perfect Patients allows you to focus your attention on helping patients while we do all the work.

Here’s how we leverage chiropractic marketing to attract qualified new patients, stimulate referrals and increase the amount of time and money patients spend with you:

  • Experience – Managing thousands of chiropractic websites, we know what works.
  • Three Service Plans – Choose the service that matches your new patient goals.
  • Custom Design – Your one-of-a-kind design sets you apart from competitors.
  • Content Interview – Our writers will prepare your bio and other vital content.
  • SEO – We’ll optimize your site so qualified new patients will find and choose you.
  • Practice Blog – Our weekly posts position you as the natural health authority.
  • New Patient Survey – Valuable first-visit feedback increases new patient referrals.
  • Practice Newsletters – Each month we’ll send an eNewsletter to your patients.
  • Choose Natural – We send new patients looking for a natural solution to you!
  • E-Learning – The six-part Socratic, online patient education educates new patients.
  • Conversion Tracking – We monitor what turns website visitors into new patients.
  • Birthday Emails – We’ll send each patient a birthday greeting on your behalf.
  • Email Console – Send your own custom emails to your website subscribers.

We’ll systematically “work” your website so it earns its keep by generating qualified new patients and then educating them, increasing retention and referrals.


2. Google AdWords

Your Perfect Patients website is optimized to attract people in your local community searching online for a chiropractor. But what about the millions of people who go online to search for solutions for complaints like headaches, neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, colic, carpal tunnel and other admitting complaints? Because of the way the Internet works, it’s virtually impossible for a “local” health service provider to effectively optimize their website to attract new patients who search for information on admitting complaints.

A Google AdWords campaign, targeted to the geographical area of your practice and the admitting complaints you like seeing, can be helpful. The beauty of this approach is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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3. Yellow Page Listing

Why use the yellow pages? There are still many prospective patients who consult the yellow page directory. And they are ready to make a buying decision. When you’re in the yellow pages, you’re positioned where some prospective patients want to find you. Whoever sees your ad is ready to purchase chiropractic care. They’re not deciding whether they want a medical doctor or a chiropractic doctor, they’re deciding which chiropractor. Plus, the yellow pages can help you differentiate your services from other chiropractic practices, educate prospective patients, pre-qualify the types of patients that you attract, and reduce the anxiety new patients might have about chiropractic.

Instead of large yellow page ads, the wisdom these days suggests that smaller, in column listing accompanied by the URL to your website is the way to go.

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