One-of-a-Kind Chiropractic Website Design

color-wheelWhen prospective new patients arrive at your Perfect Patients website because of superior Search Engine Optimization, the first thing they notice is its design.

Today, contemporary, mobile-friendly chiropractic website design must consider these five key elements. While website visitors ultimately want content, they judge the quality and authority of your site by making a split-second judgment using these five components:


Layout and Balance

Research indicates that simplicity is the key. Everything on your home page should
help a visitor find what they are looking for.

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Color Palette

Do you prefer warm colors that communicate compassion and energy, or cooler colors that suggest precision and scientific accuracy? Certain colors work better on the web than others. (And we know the ones that should never be used!)

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Chiropractic Website Design

Images and Graphics

The Internet is ultimately a visual medium. Photography, video and the use of icons and symbols help visitors find what they want. This is where a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Ease of Navigation

Our chiropractic website design philosophy is based on a powerful motto: don’t make visitors think! The result is an elegant user interface that provides instant access to hundreds of content-rich pages that reside below the level-one navigation structure.

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Mobile Device Compatibility

Every Perfect Patients website design automatically adapts to the growing number of tablets and smartphones, automatically insuring that your patients and prospective patients have a great online browsing experience.

Our Favorite Perfect Patients Sites
From time to time we collect some of our best chiropractic website designs and supply links to them on one convenient page. Imagine yourself as a prospective chiropractic patient and see which ones you prefer.

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