Website Conversion = New Patients

You don’t want clicks. You don’t want “hits.” You don’t want visitors. And if the truth be told, you don’t even want a website. You want new patients!

While competing chiropractic website providers will often beat their chest about search engines, what good is a bunch of visitors who don’t become patients? Turns out, the concept of acquiring new chiropractic patients by converting website visitors into new patients is largely lost on geeks and coders who fail to see that a practice website is actually a business tool.

Chiropractic New PatientsWe offer a variety of features and content specifically designed to motivate prospects to pick up the phone and call your practice:

Less is More

Arrive at the home page of a typical Perfect Patients website and you’ll notice the simplicity and focus on what a new patient wants. (Your current patients have little reason to arrive at your home page and are directed to other pages on your site.)

The Largest Source of New Chiropractic Patients

As a Perfect Patients client, your practice is listed on over 100 new patient generating pages on our sister website, We intercept thousands who are researching health issues you regularly help, but who haven’t (yet) considered chiropractic care.

Home Page Video

The short, one-minute home page video (optional) offers a simple and compelling explanation of chiropractic to new patients. As visitors learn what chiropractic is (and what it isn’t), they are inspired to dig deeper and learn about you and what to expect on their first visits.

First Visit Video

Used in thousands of practices around the world, this 4 ½ minute video neutralizes the most common myths and misconceptions about chiropractic. Remove these emotional barriers and visitors are more likely to take the critical step of calling your office.

At Home Tests

Your Perfect Patients website features direction on how to conduct several at home tests. These involve website visitors who can experientially discover reduced range of motion, contracted leg length and other signs that validate the need to begin chiropractic care.

Call to Action

Without pandering or becoming over-bearing, virtually every page urges readers to take action and call your practice. These simple, embedded commands are often all it takes to convince a visitor to begin care.

For Skeptics Only

This 10-page section of your Perfect Patients website addresses some of the most common objections raised by those who are critical of chiropractic. Even hardcore skeptics will observe, “Hmm. I never thought of it that way before.”

As the Internet is an increasing part of everyday life, when it comes to acquiring chiropractic new patients, it’s all about conversion!