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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing For Chiropractors

Angela Hockabout

By Angela Hockabout

Published January 12, 2024
Updated January 17, 2024

5 min read

While a sleek website and savvy SEO are key to every chiropractor’s online success, there’s a game-changer many chiropractors are missing out on: Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Imagine leveraging the power of Google, Facebook and Instagram to draw new patients to your practice—your ideal patients who are actively seeking a chiropractic appointment right now or could benefit from your care.

And the magic of PPC? You only pay when someone clicks, making it a smart investment for both established and budding chiropractic offices.

Dive into the world of PPC and let’s discover how your unique approach to chiropractic care can reach more people than ever before.


Why Choose PPC?

There are three common ways that potential patients find a chiropractor’s website on the internet:

  • They click on a chiropractor’s website on a search engine after searching for a chiropractor in their area.
  • They click on a chiropractor’s Google ad after searching for a chiropractor in their area.
  • They click on a chiropractor’s social ad while visiting Facebook or Instagram.

Google Ads, the cornerstone of PPC marketing, operates on a simple yet impactful premise: delivering highly relevant ads to people who are ready to take action.

Your ad isn’t just floating in the digital space; it’s strategically positioned in Google’s search results, reaching potential patients precisely when they’re ready to book a chiropractic appointment.

Google Ads Search

For instance, when people are searching for the term “chiropractor near me” or “chiropractor Boston, MA” they’re often ready to see a chiropractor ASAP. They have already noticed that they have a problem and decided that they want a chiropractor to help fix it. By the time that potential patient has gone to Google, it’s just a matter of choosing the right chiropractor for them.

Google Ads convince new patients that you are the PERFECT chiropractor with a compelling special offer they can’t refuse, BUT you have to have everything set up just right to make the most of your advertising dollar.

Beyond Clicks: Crafting a Patient-Focused Journey

Your journey with PPC doesn’t end with a click. It’s about creating a sense of your unique brand of chiropractic care that leads to a new patient walking through your clinic doors. This journey involves:

  • Strategic Keyword Selection: Targeting only the keywords that resonate with your potential patients’ needs.
  • Compelling Ad Copy: Crafting messages that speak directly to the benefits and unique aspects of your chiropractic services.
  • A Beautiful Website: Google Ads can be expensive. Without an attractive website that reflects your care, you’ll miss opportunities to impress your ideal patient and lose money with low conversions.
  • Optimized Landing Pages: Ensuring that once a potential patient clicks, they land on a page that’s informative, engaging, and conversion-oriented.
  • Follow Up from the Front Desk: Your patient’s experience starts with that first click, but you’ll earn their trust with timely and consistent communication about their first appointment.

💡Tip: The most crucial part of using paid ads is a competitive new patient special offer. When patients click from an ad, they’re at the point where they want the best high-value offer. Be sure to review what your competitors are offering to ensure yours is a must-click.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Chiropractors

Social ads are targeted to audiences that are likely to visit a chiropractor, rather than people who are actively searching for a new chiropractor…

Interruption Marketing

It’s important to remember that the user’s psychology is different on Facebook or Instagram.

When a user visits those sites, they’re looking to connect with friends or see images of what their friends or favorite businesses are doing. Unlike search engine ads, finding a specific business isn’t usually top-of-mind.

This means that Facebook and Instagram Ads rely on something called interruption marketing. You’re interrupting the experience of connecting with your friends, which means that your special offer has to wow your new patient so that they drop everything to take advantage of it.

Reach Wider Audiences

The great thing about social ads is that they offer you a chance to reach a wider audience and spread brand awareness; however, the audience isn’t likely to convert as well as your Google Ads audience (remember, Google Ads viewers are actively searching).

That’s why Facebook & Instagram Ads are less expensive than Google Ads.

That said, Instagram often represents an “aspirational” mindset for many users. With the right targeting, your ads can be seen by people who are ready to work on their wellness and are more likely to click on your advertised offer. Many chiropractors have found success with a combined Facebook and Instagram approach.

💡Tip: Prepare your front office so they are aware of the ads you’re running and are equipped to quickly respond to every social media form submission, appointment request, or message. Respond within minutes to maximize your conversion rates.

The ROI of PPC for Chiropractors

With PPC, you’re not just spending marketing dollars; you’re investing in results. Whether it’s boosting traffic to a new website or complementing your existing marketing strategies, PPC provides measurable outcomes that can be tracked with transparent reporting, including call tracking and analytics. Regular monitoring and adjustments ensure that your campaigns are not just running, but thriving.

But how do you know if PPC is right for you?

  • Figure out how much revenue a new patient delivers on average. This number will help you understand how much you can spend on acquiring that new patient and determine your advertising budget.
  • Review your website to make sure it’s up to the challenge. If your website doesn’t impress, you’ll be wasting your money on ads that don’t convert.
  • Work with a reputable PPC provider who will be realistic with you about the costs and competition. They’ll be more likely to deliver a PPC plan that works.
  • Be aware that every jurisdiction is different – advertising may simply be too expensive in some areas, or there might not be enough search volume to run Google Ads. A trustworthy PPC provider will give you an honest recommendation.

As a chiropractor, your goal is to help people live their best lives. PPC marketing connects you with people searching for that help or who fit the mold of your ideal patient.. Embrace PPC as part of your digital strategy and watch your practice grow.

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