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Spam Emails from “SEO” Companies


Spam emails have been a common facet of our lives for years now, but recently they have branched out beyond the chain mail and “You’ve won the lottery!” subjects.

Supposed SEO companies might try to reach out to you through your website’s contact information proposing to do some sort of link building or claiming the ability to get your site to #1 on Google… “guaranteed”. These companies are looking to catch an unsuspecting customer with broad sweeping statements like, “I have been checking your website quite often and see that you are still not in the top 10 rank for your main keywords.”

Don’t be fooled by these exaggerative overtures. They are always sent in mass and do not actually review your site before contacting you. These companies are merely hoping to create enough fear, doubt and uncertainty that you will reach out.

search-resultsHowever, if you are looking to improve your SEO and want to get input from proven experts, then you can sign up for a free SEO review here.

One of our digital marketing professionals will review your site, go over the results with you, and give actionable advice. Then, the next time you receive one of these spammy emails, you’ll know the truth about your site’s SEO standings.