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How to Recognize a Google My Business Scam

If you’ve received a phone call or email that begins with “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Google…”, you may have been the target of a scam. Since contact information is listed on your website for current and future patients, you can expect to receive a variety of solicitations from reputable, but also (and more likely) […]

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Content is Still King

Google continues to refine its search algorithm in an attempt to deliver the most relevant results to its customers. Such measures force you to refine your methods when attracting prospective patients from the platform. Over the years, search algorithms have left many webmasters in SEO peril. It started with penalizing keyword abuse, where website owners […]

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Yes… Backlinks are Still Important

When ranking websites, Google considers hundreds of factors. And while its algorithm constantly evolves, quality backlinks are still near the top of the list. This underscores the importance of link building. Link building is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) digital marketing activities. After all, you have to convince online users and third-party websites […]

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Did You Get a Fake Google Review?

Getting a 1-star review on Google can be painful. It can feel like a personal attack. And, more importantly, it’s a dent on your online reputation – which is a critical conversion factor. So… what should you do when you get that dreaded negative review? If you’re a Premium Perfect Patients client, we will happily […]

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When Your Chiropractic Google Rankings Landslide

Monitoring your Google rankings can be stressful. In the course of a week, you could see them go from two to four to three and then back to two. What’s causing these fluctuations, and is this normal? First of all, yes. It’s normal to see small changes in rankings ­– especially over the course of […]

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