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Chiropractor Directory Listings That Drive Local SEO Traffic

Expanding your online presence is more than just driving anyone warmer than room temperature with a spine. Sure, website metrics are important. But the best way to grow your practice isn’t through arbitrarily high volumes of web traffic. Your goal should be to draw in engaged visitors who are primed and ready to convert into […]

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3 Easy On-Page SEO Tips for Chiropractors

Are you looking to improve the performance of your chiropractic website, but don’t know where to start? If you don’t feel like your chiropractic website is producing new patients, it may be wise to start looking at your site’s on-page SEO. In this post, we’ll discuss on-page SEO and provide three easy tips for improving it […]

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Keywords That Count

Without getting too geeky, here’s a brief explanation of the keywords we’re tracking for your Perfect Patients website. We divide the search terms that visitors use to find your site into two basic categories: “friendly” and “stranger.” Friendly keywords usually involve the doctor’s name or the practice name. These are people who are either already […]

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