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Who Is Vortala?

From time to time you may encounter an email link or a mention of “Vortala.” That’s us! Vortala is the parent company of Perfect Patients. The word Vortala is derived from the word “vortal” which is defined as a “vertical industry portal.” Vortals typically provide information and other services that educate users in a specific […]

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Google Gives Reviews Thumbs Up

Google recently revealed that reviews (or snippets of them) would be displayed more prominently in local search results. We all know the power of positive customer reviews. But what about negative reviews? Try your best; you’re unlikely to please everyone. From time to time there can be a service lapse or a misunderstanding that can […]

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WordPress Plugins Nixed

When clients see our familiar WordPress user interface, they often assume that we can accommodate specialty plug-ins designed to expand the functionality of their website. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Only about 30% of our software platform is actually WordPress. We use a special version designed for multi-website administration for which most third-party plug-ins are not […]

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Invest In a Great Photo of You

For years we’ve been urging clients to invest in great photography, especially of the doctor and the team. So it was with great interest that we read this article from Bright Local, experts in local search engine performance. They surveyed over 4,000 people in the US, testing three different styles of websites: Sites that featured […]

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Bad News and Good News

Spam, whether unwanted emails or selfish, off-topic comment spam, are simply a fact of life if you’re going to use these twenty-first century communication tools.

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