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Patient Reviews More Important Than Ever

More research is coming in confirming the importance of patient reviews. The findings of the recently published 2014 Bright Local Consumer Review Survey have special relevance for health care providers. Read the results for yourself, however here are some highlights: Up from 79% last year, 88% of survey respondents trust online reviews as much as […]

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eBook Reveals What New Patients Really Think…

Imagine if your new patients used words such as “embarrassed,” “disappointed,” “preachy,” “annoying” or “confused” to describe their first visit experience. You’d want to know about it so you could fix it, right? Over 300 brutally honest reviews from actual new patients are contained in our new eBook. If you haven’t yet, download your complimentary […]

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Freelance SEO Consultant Ruins Chiropractor’s Reputation

It’s an increasingly common tale: chiropractors who were seduced by the overtures of zealous freelance SEO consultants who used risky techniques to artificially boost the doctor’s website. Recent updates to the Google algorithm have now detected these efforts. And the penalties are harsh—with affected websites dropping to page 10 or being banned altogether! These “black […]

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Who Is Vortala?

From time to time you may encounter an email link or a mention of “Vortala.” That’s us! Vortala is the parent company of Perfect Patients. The word Vortala is derived from the word “vortal” which is defined as a “vertical industry portal.” Vortals typically provide information and other services that educate users in a specific […]

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Google Gives Reviews Thumbs Up

Google recently revealed that reviews (or snippets of them) would be displayed more prominently in local search results. We all know the power of positive customer reviews. But what about negative reviews? Try your best; you’re unlikely to please everyone. From time to time there can be a service lapse or a misunderstanding that can […]

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