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“I Used to Be at the Top of Google.”

Keeping up with Google is a full time job. Besides the major changes, such as the recent Penguin update, Google is constantly testing, refining and making tweaks to its search algorithm.

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“How Can I Send Bulk Emails?”

Along with hosting your website, we also host the email accounts for most of our clients. Like most hosts, we limit the number of bulk emails you can send to 250.

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We Can Do That

Many Perfect Patients clients are the targets of discount website providers who attempt to lure you away with lower pricing (it’s actually true that you get what you pay for) or dangling a variety of “shiny objects” that chiropractors find interesting—but new patients rarely use. “If you sell supplements, you should have an online store […]

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Google Changes Local Listings. Again.

Much of what our SEO Team does is an attempt to “reverse engineer” the Google algorithm. Google is constantly testing new approaches. And like all software firms, they have glitches, bugs and inconsistencies all the time. Which can make it all the more challenging to decipher their intentions. If you don’t follow what Google is […]

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First Visit Survey Enhancements

As you know, when new patients are added as subscribers to your website, they receive a welcome email from you with a link to take a quick survey about their first visit experience. This has been a huge hit, providing valuable feedback for Perfect Patients clients. Thousands of new patient surveys have already been completed, […]

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