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Posting Your HIPAA Privacy Policy

Along with having a written privacy document that patients can review in your practice, U.S. chiropractors must also publish a notice on their website. According to a government website, every U.S. chiropractic practice is required to provide a notice on their website in plain language that describes: How you may use and disclose protected health […]

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Phew! FutureFit Officially Complete!

On Thursday, August 22 the final client website was migrated to our new, high-performance software platform.

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Survey Says…

For the last four years we’ve taken the vital signs of our website service clients by asking five simple questions. Last month’s survey was especially gratifying.

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The One Thing

Who is it on your team that is in charge of regularly adding new patients as subscribers to your website?

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Something Called “Local Intent”

We’ve always seen SEO as a distinction between an explicit search and an implicit search. Google calls it: local intent.

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