No NAPping!

No NAPping!

Bill Esteb

By Bill Esteb


Published January 20, 2013
Updated May 10, 2020

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One of the essentials of having a highly-visible chiropractic website is to make sure your Google Local (formerly Google Places and Google Maps) listing is fully optimized. It’s one of several important tasks performed by our SEO team when new websites launch.

SEO TargetOn the occasion of migrating established sites to our new platform, we’re checking your listing’s NAP with Google. NAP stands for name, address and phone number. Think of it as your practice’s online fingerprint. It is how search engines identify your practice on the web.

First, we make sure your listing is complete and accurate. Our research uncovers the best way to present your NAP on your website. A discrepancy between the practice name on your website and what Google has in it’s index can be devastating!

Since Google is so fastidious about delivering accurate results, a seemingly small inconsistency such as “Family Chiropractic Center” in one place and “Family Chiropractic Centre” in the other might prompt Google not to show your practice listing at all.


Duplicate listings or having multiple businesses at the same address can have similar negative effects on your listing. This is especially true if you relocate your practice. Our research suggests that if Google has any doubts, it simply suppresses the listing. Not good.

There’s much, much more to confirming the NAP than this. And our SEO team has been putting in some long hours to make sure yours is perfect. It’s just one of the many differences between just having a website and having the Perfect Patients website service.

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