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Category Archives: Chiropractic Marketing

Infographic: Get New Patients from Your Practice Website

When it comes to getting new chiropractic patients from the Internet, the basic design of your website is only the first step. There is an art to developing and maintaining a successful practice website. Search engine optimization must properly be integrated. Your overall design must be optimized. Quality content must tell prospective patients who you […]

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Chiropractic Websites Just Launched!

Madison Chiropractor Dr Michael Lundergan Jefferson County Chiropractic 110 Holt Dr. Madison, IN 47250 Phone: (812) 265-6141 Jefferson County Chiropractic helps arm patients with the knowledge they need to optimize their care. Call or visit our website today to learn how we can help you.  

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Chiropractic Online Marketing [Infographic]

A successful online presence is much more than having a pretty website design. Sure, showing your phone number, address, and office hours in a centralized online location is important. But simply having a website will only get you so far. Your website is one among many other factors that go into building an online presence […]

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How Content Converts New Chiropractic Patients

Is your website a valuable business tool, or is it merely a piece of digital art? If your practice website isn’t earning its keep, consider an objective look at the design of your website. And while the design component of a website is important, it’s only one factor that decides whether or not your online […]

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How to Shoot Patient Testimonial Videos From Your iPhone

Patient testimonial videos are one of the best ways to show prospective new patients that you have healthy, happy patients willing to attest to your chiropractic skills. These testimonials, if permitted in your jurisdiction, are excellent for enhancing your chiropractic website and building up a practice YouTube channel, both great opportunities for getting more new […]

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