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Your Newest Photos!

For all the emphasis that is given to the words that appear on your website, especially for the benefit of search engines, if you want to connect deeply with patients and prospective new patients, you need pictures…

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Google’s Randomized Results

Growing evidence is emerging in the SEO community about a new technique Google is using in an attempt to discourage manipulation of their search of results…

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Website Migration Update

It’s “all hands on deck” these days as our entire team is deep in the painstaking process of copying the content about you and your practice from our old software platform, and publishing it to our new platform…

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A Confession and an Exciting Solution

One reason Perfect Patients clients choose our website service is for the new patients it produces. The problem is, without access to your private practice statistics, we have no way of knowing exactly how many new patients your website played a part in converting!

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The One Thing

There are many things that distinguish your Perfect Patients website service from a discount website product provider. One of the most important is the integration between your website and your patient email contact list.

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