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Paying For Page One

The salesman guarantees he can “get you on page one of Google.” Is he employed by Google? Has he figured out the Google search algorithm? Nope. He’s selling those little ads that appear on the right side of the screen behind a subtle orange tint.

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New Platform – New Features

We’ve launched our first beta site on our spanking new platform, and by the time you read this others will have migrated over for a thorough shakedown. If it passes muster, your Perfect Patients website will be migrated in the weeks ahead.

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No NAPping!

One of the essentials of having a highly-visible chiropractic website is to make sure your Google Local listing is fully optimized. Think of it as your practice’s online fingerprint. Our job is to make sure your online prints match your real world prints…

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Product Vs. Service Smackdown!

As the professional practice website industry has matured over the years, several distinctions have emerged. The first, and probably the most significant is the difference between a website product and a website service.

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How to Become a Blogger

Unleash some powerful SEO results by writing your own original blog posts. Simply deploy one or more of these three strategies.

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