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Product Vs. Service Smackdown!

As the professional practice website industry has matured over the years, several distinctions have emerged. The first, and probably the most significant is the difference between a website product and a website service.

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How to Become a Blogger

Unleash some powerful SEO results by writing your own original blog posts. Simply deploy one or more of these three strategies.

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The Conversion Experience

Would you rather have 10 visitors to your site or 1,000 visitors to your site? Careful, this is a trick question!

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“About My Competition…”

Some clients will ask us why a competitor’s website ranks better then their Perfect Patients website. “My website is far superior. They only have a couple of pages of content and they haven’t updated it in years. What’s the deal?”

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It’s a Scam!

Many of our clients have received unsolicited faxes from Internet Scammers who go by the name of DNS Services out of Vancouver, WA. It’s a scam!

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