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The Conversion Experience

Would you rather have 10 visitors to your site or 1,000 visitors to your site? Careful, this is a trick question!

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“About My Competition…”

Some clients will ask us why a competitor’s website ranks better then their Perfect Patients website. “My website is far superior. They only have a couple of pages of content and they haven’t updated it in years. What’s the deal?”

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It’s a Scam!

Many of our clients have received unsolicited faxes from Internet Scammers who go by the name of DNS Services out of Vancouver, WA. It’s a scam!

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Everyone’s a Critic

Used to be that a poorly prepared meal, an inept roof repair or an arrogant doctor produced negative word of mouth only amongst the small circle of friends of the dissatisfied recipient. Those days are gone.

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Importance of Local Links

Search engine experts pretty much agree that there are two types of online searches: implicit and explicit. Implicit searches tend to be more open ended and general; more research oriented. An explicit search is one in which the individual knows what he or she wants and is pursuing it directly.

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