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Everyone’s a Critic

Used to be that a poorly prepared meal, an inept roof repair or an arrogant doctor produced negative word of mouth only amongst the small circle of friends of the dissatisfied recipient. Those days are gone.

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Importance of Local Links

Search engine experts pretty much agree that there are two types of online searches: implicit and explicit. Implicit searches tend to be more open ended and general; more research oriented. An explicit search is one in which the individual knows what he or she wants and is pursuing it directly.

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Are You in No Man’s Land?

As search engine optimization becomes increasingly important to the performance of a chiropractic website, we’ve discovered an unfortunate phenomenon that affects about 12% of our clients. We call it the No Man’s Land Factor. Read on…

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Requesting Changes to Your Website

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Our latest improvement changes the way you make service requests. No longer will service requests be by sending an email or leaving a voice mail with your Account Manager, instead use this simple request form

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Blended Listings

Because you serve a local market, when prospective new patients search for a chiropractor, Google and the other search engines have a special way of displaying local results. Awhile back they displayed the “7 Pack” then in late January 2012 Google came out with its “Venice” update. Among other changes, in some jurisdictions this produced a blend between map listings and traditional organic listings.

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