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Google No Longer Providing Keyword Data

We woke up the morning of September 24 to a new era in website SEO. That’s when Google began hiding all of the terms used by searchers to find websites. This is a major shift. It dramatically alters the SEO landscape for anyone who has a website. A while back Google began encrypting (hiding) the […]

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Getting On Page One

Google ranks sites by their “authority.” An attempt to fake authority by overt SEO tactics usually ends badly. Especially as Google gets smarter at detecting efforts to circumvent its algorithm.

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Google’s Randomized Results

Growing evidence is emerging in the SEO community about a new technique Google is using in an attempt to discourage manipulation of their search of results…

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No NAPping!

One of the essentials of having a highly-visible chiropractic website is to make sure your Google Local listing is fully optimized. Think of it as your practice’s online fingerprint. Our job is to make sure your online prints match your real world prints…

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“What Can I Do to Improve the Performance of My Site?”

“What Can I Do to Improve the Performance of My Site?” It’s probably one of the most frequent questions we get. Often it comes from a long-time client who acknowledges that they could be doing more to enhance the return on their website investment.

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Content Is King. Again.

Google continues to refine its search algorithm in an attempt to deliver the most relevant results to its customers—in your case, people in your community searching for a chiropractor.

The aftermath of the most recent update seems to place a renewed emphasis on fresh, original content.

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