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Chiropractic Digital Marketing 101: Part 1 of 2

Digital marketing and chiropractic care are closer related than what it might seem at first sight. Just as chiropractic has its own vocabulary, so too does chiropractic digital marketing. They both may seem intimidating but once broken down are much more relatable and accessible. Let’s break down the topic into a few key terms together […]

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Earning Chiropractic Backlinks

How to Earn Backlinks For Your Chiropractic Website

Earning trust with Google is no different from earning trust in the real world. Your real world practice reputation determines whether existing patients come back to you and whether prospective patients choose you as their chiropractor. Search engines operate under the same premise: if you want to be rewarded, you first must earn their trust. […]

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Infographic Get New Patients

Infographic: Get New Patients from Your Practice Website

When it comes to getting new chiropractic patients from the Internet, the basic design of your website is only the first step. There is an art to developing and maintaining a successful practice website. Search engine optimization must properly be integrated. Your overall design must be optimized. Quality content must tell prospective patients who you […]

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Components of Successful Online Marketing

Chiropractic Online Marketing [Infographic]

A successful online presence is much more than having a pretty website design. Sure, showing your phone number, address, and office hours in a centralized online location is important. But simply having a website will only get you so far. Your website is one among many other factors that go into building an online presence […]

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Facebook Post Ideas

Chiropractic Facebook Post Ideas

Facebook has over a billion monthly active users, who now spend more time “updating their statuses” than they spend checking their emails. This underscores the power social media has to communicate with existing and prospective new patients. That being said, running a chiropractic practice while engaging patients online can be challenging, to say the least. […]

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