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The Experimentation Never Ends
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The Experimentation Never Ends

If you use Google Analytics, you know how visitors arrive at your website. But do you know how potential new patients behave once they get there? While you may be monitoring high-level website analytics, you’re probably not paying attention to on-page behavior patterns. Basic Google Analytics doesn’t reveal that kind of data. Conversion optimization technology […]

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Did You Get a Fake Google Review?

Getting a 1-star review on Google can be painful. It can feel like a personal attack. And, more importantly, it’s a dent on your online reputation – which is a critical conversion factor. So… what should you do when you get that dreaded negative review? If you’re a Premium Perfect Patients client, we will happily […]

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The Anatomy of a Blog Post

Like the cover of a book, appearance is crucial to the success of your content marketing. Conceptualizing, writing, and publishing high-quality content can be time-consuming. Formatting the perfect blog post is relatively easy. Here are a few tips to consider before publishing your next blog post: Short paragraphs No need to apply traditional rules of composition […]

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Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Does social media impact your SEO? Do retweets, shares, and likes of a webpage actually boost that page in search engine results? It’s a longstanding debate. Google hasn’t acknowledged that social signals are a ranking factor. However, numerous studies suggest there is a correlation. The premise is simple. Google wants to serve the best results […]

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When Your Chiropractic Google Rankings Landslide

Monitoring your Google rankings can be stressful. In the course of a week, you could see them go from two to four to three and then back to two. What’s causing these fluctuations, and is this normal? First of all, yes. It’s normal to see small changes in rankings ­– especially over the course of […]

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